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Fionix Softwork

"Keep it minimal"

We create digital products based on mobile application,
desktop software, website and video game.


The Classic Games (TCG) is an Android game which includes pong, space impact and falldown type game.


An application that creates UiTM's timetable for you. Plus, link to your student portal inside.



An offline moments logging, personal quote listing and simple expenses log application.


A really simple php framework that is beginner-friendly and suitable for collaborative work.

Other than that, we do provide IT support and consultation
but that is not it. We can do much more.

Your company require a customized tool to get your company's work done? Worry not, we could create it for you.

You want to start somewhere but don't know how? We provide training and consultation with a very low price.

You have an idea for the next super product but don't have the crew? Collaborate with us and let's start working on it together.

Have something in mind? Drop us an mail for enquiry.